The Iron Fist of Preparation...

The Iron Fist of Preparation...

Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Give Back if You Can’t Afford The Course Donation:

As a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization devoted to education, our goal is to not refuse our courses to any interested participants. If you wish to participate in our trainings, please do.

If you cannot afford to make the recommended donation for our courses, that is your prerogative. We will not make any inquiries into your financial situation or ask you to justify your stance in not making the recommended donations.

Having said this, the Technical Rescue Instruction Project does have operating costs that must be met in order to insure the success of our mission, which is to increase public safety through education in technical rescue. In order to balance our operating costs with our endeavors to teach anyone willing to learn, we have gone through the additional steps of filing as a tax exempt nonprofit public benefit corporation. As such we are able to reduce our operating costs through tax exemption, as well as gain access to fundraising through tax deductible donations from our public supporters.

Below is a list of possible ways to give back to t.r.i.p. besides the direct payment of our courses’ operating costs:
  • ·         Get friends and family to donate. Donors referred by you will have the option to label their donations as such and their donations will result in credits to go towards your courses.
  • ·         Sell our T-shirts. They are free with a $30 donation.  T-shirt purchasers will receive a T-shirt and a tax deductible receipt of $20 for their contribution beyond the cost of the shirt. The seller will have a $20 dollar credit to go towards their next course, or the course they just received.
  • ·         Propose a fund raising activity to t.r.i.p. to assist in the funding of your group’s participation in our programs.

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