The Iron Fist of Preparation...

The Iron Fist of Preparation...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Event: Owens River Gorge Rescue: This Weekend!

The Owens River Gorge Rescue Course is the first event in what will become our “Let Me Tell Ya Somethin’ For Free: Instructor Development Tour.”

The course will be free to any interested participants and will be structured to cover as many skills as we can within the participants’ competency levels. It will be set up similarly to how I have taught rope access courses in that there will be a series of stations going over individual skills. When combined, these skills will allow the participants to deal with just about any scenario.  

If you are interested in picking up work with T.R.I.P. or are curious about how to get into the rope access line of work, and can make it up to Bishop for some free rescue instruction, email us at:

Please include a bit of information regarding your climbing experience and any possible professional certifications or trainings you carry.

Time of course: 3/31/12-4/1/12… This weekend.
Available Spaces: 4
Location: Owens River Gorge
Cost: FREE

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